woensdag 31 december 2014


Translation of words and terms is something that becomes more and more integrated in our day to day work. Please see the video from +DanielMonsén. He demonstrates how you can translate something from language A to B in Revit. NOTE He does use an additional Plug-In, so don't cheer to soon.

During the past year if have studied how one could translate between Classification systems by using a database. The method Daniel uses is based on the same philosophy, search and replace. NOTE When changing/translating a classification system you will have to do some work manually.

I will now show you the essence of Daniels work.

The first thing you need is a Google account connected to GoogleDocs. Within Spreadsheets there is a feature that you probably will have used before, GoogleTranslate. Now start a new Spreadsheet and type


you will be given the opportunity to select the Translate function. The "wizard" will guide you through all the steps.

I strongly recommend to have a list of words. That way you can see the result of your work directly.

I have modified the formula in my Spreadsheet. Depending on the place in the formula I have blocked either row or column. This give you more freedom to copy or stretch your formula or if you want to add additional TARGETLANGUAGES.

For those who are new to the world of spreadsheets I will explain how the formula is build up. (note that I started in B2)
  • $A2
    Always use COLUMN A 
    Always use CEL A1
    Always use ROW 1 for the column the cel is in. (again note that I started in B2)

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